Gender-based analysis plus for 2020-21

Section 1: Institutional GBA Plus Capacity

During 2019–20, the Deputy Commissioner, Corporate Services, Strategic Planning and Transformation Services, assumed the role of champion for GBA+, with support from the head of the Human Resources team at the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC). Since then, the champion has become actively involved in cross-government activities focused on GBA+, gathering best practices that will inform improvements the OIC makes to GBA+-related information and human resources practices.

Section 2: Gender and Diversity Impacts, by Program

Section 2: Gender and Diversity Impacts, by Program

Compliance with access to information obligations

OIC investigations are guided by the requirements of the Access to Information Act, particularly with regard to confidentiality, the need to give all parties to a complaint the opportunity to present their position on the matter, and the way the Commissioner must present her findings to complainants and others, and report on her activities and investigations to Parliament. Within those parameters, the OIC continues to contribute directly to government transparency and—since complaints can focus on topics such as residential schools and First Nations, gender and transgender issues, gender-based analysis-plus, women, Indigenous women, discrimination and harassment— advancing inclusiveness in Canada.

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