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The Office of the Information Commissioner was established in 1983 under the Access to Information Act to support the work of the Information Commissioner of Canada.

Our staff carry out confidential investigations into complaints about federal institutions’ handling of access requests, giving both complainants and institutions the opportunity to present their positions.

We strive to maximize compliance with the Act, using the full range of tools, activities and powers at the Commissioner’s disposal. These include negotiating with complainants and institutions without the need for formal investigations, and making formal recommendations and/or issuing order to resolve matters at the conclusion of investigations.

We support the Information Commissioner in her advisory role to Parliament and parliamentary committees on all matters pertaining to access to information. We also actively make the case for greater freedom of information in Canada through targeted initiatives such as Right to Know Week and ongoing dialogue with Canadians, Parliament and federal institutions.

The Commissioner is supported by three deputy commissioners and a staff of approximately 135 employees.

the information commissioner of canada's organisational chart

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The information Commissioner of Canada is supported by three deputy commissioners:

  • Deputy Commissioner, Investigations
  • Deputy Commissioner, Legal Services and Public Affairs
  • Deputy Commissioner, Corporate Services, Strategic Planning and Transformation Services
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