Information Commissioner’s Award

The Information Commissioner is committed to collaborating with government institutions subject to the Access to Information Act by providing guidance and showcasing best practices for institutions to meet their obligations under the Act.

In 2018, Caroline Maynard launched the Information Commissioner’s Award as a way to recognize a person and/or an access to information team in an institution subject to the Act for excellence in one or more of the following areas:

  • communication
  • innovation
  • leadership
  • service

2022 Winners

Cynthia Richardson and ATIP Team, Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada

Directorate of Access to Information and Privacy (DAIP) for National Defence

2020 Winners

Peter Hull:
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and his team.

2019 Winners

The access to information and privacy team at Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

2018 Winners

Marie-Claude Juneau:
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator, Canada Revenue Agency.

Dan Proulx:
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator, Canada Border Services Agency.

Commissioner's award

Selection Criteria

The Selection Committee includes the Information Commissioner and her investigations management team. The committee evaluates nominations based on their excellence in one or several of the following areas:

  • Communications
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Service


The person and/or the team facilitated the liaison with its exchanges between its institution and the Office of the Information Commissioner by providing information and representations in a timely manner. The person and/or team established close working relationships with the Office of the Information Commissioner.


The person and/or team participated in creating solutions to help reduce the time and number of resources needed to resolve complaints.


The person and/or team improved coordination and cooperation between their institution, the Office and complainants. The person and/or team increased the effectiveness and productivity of their institution. The person and/or team motivates and inspires colleagues to adhere to the right of access to information.


The person and/or team has maintained strong ethics in their dealings with OIC staff. The individual and/or team has consistently embodied public sector values in their work, respect for people, integrity and excellence.

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