Key messages

  • The OIC’s expertise with the Access to Information Act covers 35 years of conducting investigations and working within the system.
  • My mandate is derived from the Act and I see my role of advisor to Parliament as central. This is reflected in my office’s new vision and mission statements
  • The Amendments to the legislation made last June gave me additional powers, including:
    • order making powers
    • authorizing institutions not to process an access request when it is deemed to be vexatious or made in bad faith
    • publishing reports of my investigations
  • Amendments to the legislation included a mandatory legislative review of Act. My team and I are conducting a thorough review and formalizing our observations and recommendations, based on our experience with complaints.
  • My office has received a record number of access complaints while closing a record number of investigative files.
  • The OIC must be adequately resourced on a permanent basis if we are to meet the expectations of Canadians.
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