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The Access to Information Act gives a right to access information under the control of government institutions. The Act also provides a right to complain to the Information Commissioner about matters related to an access request made under the Act, such as the following:

  • the institution’s response to the request
  • the fact that the institution did not respond to the request
  • how an institution treated the request.

Individuals may also complain about other matters related to requesting and accessing records under Part 1 of the Act, even if they did not make an access request.

In all instances, complainants may authorize someone else to submit a complaint(s) on their behalf.

More information: Types of complaints; How the OIC processes and investigates complaints

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What the OIC does


The Access to Information Act gives Canadians the right to request information from federal institutions. If you submitted a request for information to a federal institution under the Act and you are not satisfied with how it was processed, you may file a complaint with the OIC.

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Guidance for institutions on how the OIC approaches investigations and on the information Commissioner's interpretation of the Act is available to everyone.

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Parliamentary activities

The Information Commissioner reports directly to Parliament. She appears before parliamentary committees and makes written submissions to them. She also publishes her annual report to Parliament and issues special reports when required. Upon request, the Commissioner provides expert advice to parliamentarians on access to information matters.

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Latest news

Information Commissioner launches a systemic investigation into ArriveCan

Release Date

Gatineau, Quebec, February 23, 2024 - Based on allegations related to the destruction of records that were the subject of access to information requests, the Information Commissioner of Canada has initiated an investigation into matters related to requesting and obtaining access to records regarding ArriveCAN between March 2020 and February 23, 2024.