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Note: The OIC introduced new electronic and PDF complaint forms on July 12, 2023. Please contact the Registry ( or 1-800-267-0441) for help completing the forms.

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More information: Frequently asked questions

Do you need an accommodation to submit your complaint?

To request accommodation for a need related to one of the prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act, or if you have questions about accommodation for submitting a complaint, first review Policy: accommodation when receiving services from the Office of the Information Commissioner and then contact the OIC Registry ( or 1-800-267-0441).

Points to keep in mind when submitting a complaint
  • Ensure the wording of your complaint is clear, concise and complete, include all relevant details and attach all relevant documents. These documents could include a copy of your access request, plus any notice or correspondence you received from the institution (e.g. the response to your access request, a notice about an extension of time).
  • Provide any other details directly relevant to your complaint that you think the OIC needs to know. However, do not submit personal identity documents the institution may have asked for, such as your driver’s licence or passport. These items are not necessary for the OIC Registry to process your complaint.
  • Complete all parts of the complaint form, as instructed. Having to contact you to get missing information may delay the OIC Registry’s processing of your complaint.
  • Keep all relevant documents until any investigation into your complaint is complete.
  • When using the online form, you may submit multiple complaints against the same institution. When using the PDF, it is best to submit one complaint form per access request, unless you are complaining about the same thing (e.g. a delay in responding) with regard to more than one access request you made to the same institution.
  • If someone will submit the complaint on your behalf and act for you during any investigation, this individual must submit written authorization from you.
  • If you withdraw your authorization for this person to act on your behalf, you must promptly notify the OIC Registry: or 1-800-267-0441.
  • Disrespectful or abusive behaviour when communicating with the OIC and its staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date with the OIC. (Likewise, any person you authorize to act on your behalf must keep their contact information current.) The OIC sends correspondence and documents only to the email or mailing address it has on file.

More information: Types of complaints; Frequently asked questions; How the OIC processes and investigates complaints

What happens after I submit my complaint?

A staff member from the OIC Registry will follow up with you, as needed, to clarify your complaint or ask for additional information. Once the OIC has determined whether your complaint is admissible, you will receive further communication. This could include a notice that the Commissioner intends to investigate your complaint or a message advising you that your complaint is inadmissible.

More information: How the OIC processes and investigates complaints

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