2024–25 Operating context

The principal elements that will affect the Office of the Information Commissioner’s (OIC) operating context in 2024–25 is complaint volume, as well as institutions’ responses to the Information Commissioner’s orders, and a highly competitive labour market.

A small number of individuals account for the majority of complaints made to the OIC each year. During 2023-24, the volume of complaints made to the OIC decreased. At the same time, the OIC has increased its efficiency and made significant inroads to reduce its inventory of complaints. While the OIC does not have control over the number of complaints it receives each year, it can ensure that its processes are adapted to meet Canadians’ needs.

The OIC will continue to seek to ensure that the Commissioner’s orders are enforced, through strategic interventions and litigation before the courts. Such court interventions are, however, resource-intensive and will require the diverting funds to ensure adequate representation of the Commissioner’s position before the courts. The OIC will prioritize these activities as a crucial component in its role of upholding the right of access.

In 2024-25, the OIC will continue to operate in a competitive labour market where access to information, IM/IT and privacy specialists are highly coveted resources. As a result, the OIC will continue to invest in its human resources by applying various development programs. This way, the OIC will be able to build and maintain a diverse and productive workforce to meet its evolving needs.

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