2023-24 Gender-based analysis plus

2023-24 Gender-based analysis plus

Institutional GBA Plus Capacity

The OIC will continue implementing organizational measures based on elements of the GBA Plus framework. Based on the results of the recent employee surveys, efforts will be focused will be on mental health, accommodation and stimulating culture of inclusivity.

Highlights of GBA Plus Results Reporting Capacity by Program

Program: Compliance with access to information obligations

By giving Canadians access to information about government activities and decisions, the OIC has the potential to help the government meet all of the goals in its Gender Results Framework. As complainants remain anonymous, the privacy requirements hamper GBA+ data collection efforts to some extent, however, they ensure equal treatment and prevent discrimination in any form.

Consultations with complainants will be conducted. This voluntary and anonymous feedback will complement findings of the recent program evaluation and will provide opportunity to learn about and address any possible barriers that complainants may face during the investigations process.

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