2021–22 Gender-based analysis plus

Organizational GBA+ capacity

The OIC’s GBA+ champion will be leading the OIC’s response to the results of an all-staff survey carried out in the winter of 2021 on the impact on employees of the pandemic, including effects on GBA+ groups.

Highlights of GBA+ Results Reporting Capacity by Program

Program: Compliance with access to information obligations

By giving Canadians access to information about government activities and decisions, the OIC has the potential to help the government meet all of the goals in its Gender Results Framework. However, the confidentiality requirements of the Access to Information Act hamper GBA+ data collection efforts to some extent.

In terms of whether the OIC’s program contains any barriers to access, the OIC is assessing how best to collect disaggregated data on complaints from members of GBA+ groups. The OIC will then assess how service levels for those groups compare to those for the overall population, based on turnaround times for investigations.

Various options on point(s) and methods of data collection have been submitted to OIC management for consideration. However, the OIC is currently evaluating its processes and performance measures, and carrying out a major IT systems migration.

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