2020-2021 Gender-based analysis plus

General information

Gender-based analysis plus

Governance structures

The OIC will continue to integrate GBA+ considerations into all funding requests.

The OIC’s Audit and Evaluation Committee and Senior Management Committee will review of the OIC’s GBA+ strategy. This review will determine what form the governance structure should take in the coming years.

Human resources

1 FTE will be involved in all GBA+ activities.

Planned initiatives

The OIC seeks to determine how to collect disaggregated data on complaints from members of the GBA+ groups to assess how service levels for those groups compare to that for the overall population, based on turnaround times for investigations. This assessment would shed light on whether the OIC’s program contains any barriers to access, however unintentional.

Reporting capacity and data

The disaggregated data would come from the records its keeps on all incoming complaints under its single program: Compliance with access to information obligations.

The OIC is assessing how best to collect this data. Various options on point(s) and methods of collection have been submitted to OIC management for consideration. However, the OIC is currently evaluating its processes and performance measures, and carrying out a major IT systems migration.

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