2015-2016 Departmental Sustainable Development Strategy

Green Procurement

Target 7.2: Green Procurement
As of April 1, 2015, the Government of Canada will continue to take action to embed environmental considerations into public procurement, in accordance with the federal Policy on Green Procurement.
Performance Measurement
Expected result
Environmentally responsible acquisition, use and disposal of goods and services.
Performance indicator Targeted performance level
Departmental approach to further the implementation of the Policy on Green Procurement in place as of April 1, 2015. March 31, 2016
Number and percentage of procurement and/or materiel management specialists who have completed the Canada School of Public Service Green Procurement course (C215) or equivalent, in the given fiscal year. 2
100 percent
Number and percentage of managers and functional heads of procurement and/or materiel whose performance evaluation includes support and contribution toward green procurement, in the given fiscal year. 2
100 percent
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