2010 Acknowledgements

The author of this comparative study would like to sincerely thank the many people who agreed to answer his questions and, in so doing, generated a better understanding of the problem under study. The author would especially like to thank the following individuals.

Mexico: Jacqueline Peschard, IFAI President, and Lina Ornelas, Director General of Classified Information and Personal Data. International Relations Secretariat (SRE): Mercedez de Vega, manager of the Liaison Unit.

Australia: Professor John McMillan, Information Commissioner Designate. Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT): John Scott and Dominic Trindade (Legal Branch).

New Zealand: Antonia Di Maio, Senior Business Advisor (Office of the Ombudsmen). Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT): Tara Sewell, Solicitor (Legal Division).

United States: Melanie Ann Pustay, Director, Office of Information Policy, Department of Justice, and Nicholas Mulville Murphy, Senior Advisor, Office and Information Programs and Services, State Department.

United Kingdom: Graham Smith, Deputy Information Commissioner (ICO). Foreign and Commonwealth Office: Andrew Cronin, Head, Information Rights Team.

Library and Archives Canada: Daniel J. Caron, Deputy Minister; Gordon Browne, Director of Strategic Research; Paul Marsden, Archivist; and Suzan Franklin and Pierre Desrochers, Senior Research Analysts.

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade: Roxanne Dubé, Director General, Corporate Secretariat; and Monique McCulloch and Johanne Daigle, respectively Director and Deputy Director, Access to Information and Privacy Protection Division.

Lastly, the author would like to thank Oscar Lopez Arburola, Joséphine Dubois and Karine Prévost-Privat for their invaluable contribution.

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