2008-2009 Strengthening capacity and accountability

The progress we made in 2008–2009 on enhancing internal operations has set the stage for the broader, more far-reaching work we will do in the year ahead. To achieve optimal efficiency and timeliness, we will monitor the performance of our new investigative process, taking into account, among other things, the results of an internal audit which is being conducted at the Commissioner’s request.

We will continue to renew and upgrade our information management technology and practices. This will give investigators more effective tools to meet workload targets, deliver on our access to information and privacy responsibilities, and provide top-notch service to Canadians.

We will also focus on recruiting, training and retaining skilled and versatile employees to ensure we have the appropriate human resource capacity to effectively deliver on our mandate. In particular, we need to address the shortage of investigators to avoid this becoming an obstacle to meeting our performance targets over the next several years.

Finally, we will review the management controls that are in place throughout the organization and develop new ones to ensure sound governance and increased accountability in existing and new areas of responsibility.


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