2008-2009 Partnerships

To maximize our influence on institutional compliance and on freedom of information in general, we need to foster good relations with all players in the access to information system—from requesters and complainants, to institutions (including Parliament), to other government jurisdictions and advocacy groups.

We established a discussion forum with the National Privacy and Access to Information Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association. The forum will not only foster the exchange of ideas on matters of mutual interest but also collaboration in promoting the right of access to information to Canadians.

We were pleased to be able to participate for the second year in the annual investigators conference hosted by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada in February 2009. The conference allowed investigators from the federal, provincial and territorial information and privacy commissioners’ offices to share experiences and best practices, and to discuss common issues. We subsequently hosted a two-day negotiation skills course for investigators, including colleagues from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner, and from the privacy and access to information agencies in Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia.


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