2008-2009 International activities

In support of our priorities, we participate in various international activities, with the following goals:

  • to contribute to the development of access to information legislation and policy internationally;
  • to learn from our counterparts on best practices and new developments; and
  • to explain how we approach freedom of information in Canada.

Of note during 2008–2009, we sent a letter to the Chairman of the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers to comment on the proposed Convention on Access to Official Documents.13 Based on Canada’s experience with access legislation, we recommended strengthening the Convention to foster a culture of openness in public institutions.

We participated in conferences and meetings in Mexico, England and Scotland. We also met with parliamentary and government officials of Barbados and Grenada to share information on Canada’s experience and best practices in the area of access to information, and to offer advice on compliance models as they develop freedom of information legislation.

13 See http://www.oic-ci.gc.ca/eng/rtk-mov_mov-rtk_int-eff_eff-int.aspx


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