2008-2009 IM/IT renewal

In 2008–2009, we developed a five-year strategic plan aimed at positioning us as a leader in resolving access to information complaints and providing agile and enhanced service delivery. This plan identified a number of IM/IT renewal initiatives designed to enable us to create, manage, access and share information and knowledge with a seamless technology infrastructure. We focused our efforts on the most critical issues that were having a direct impact on our productivity, left us vulnerable to security breaches, and caused instability in our infrastructure, including the following:

  • We established a new unit with a director and five IT professionals, who are responsible for implementing our IM/IT vision.
  • We created a proactive service delivery model that anticipates business needs and identifies strategic solutions.
  • We consolidated our IT infrastructure, with appropriate and up-to-date software and processes, including tools for project and change management.
  • We updated or developed and implemented all the required policies and procedures.
  • We increased security measures to protect data, both at rest and in transit across our network, according to their security classification while minimizing the impact of existing and emerging threats to the integrity of the information.

The results of our IM/IT renewal initiatives have been immediate and significant. The successful consolidation of the network and desktop environment has had a positive impact on our productivity while improving overall IT security, stability and management.


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