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Pat Kelly


Conservative Party

Calgary Rocky Ridge


  • First elected to Parliament in 2015
  • Graduated from the University of Calgary in 1994 with a BA in Political Science
  • Worked as a mortgage broker and was the co-owner of a successful brokerage. He twice served as the President of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers’ Association, sat on the Real Estate Council of Alberta (a provincial regulatory body)
  • Served as Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Finance, as a member of ETHI, OGGO and the Standing Committee on Public Accounts
  • Previously served as the Shadow Cabinet Minister for Small Business and Western Economic Development, Shadow Minister for National Revenue, Associate Shadow Minister for Finance, and Deputy Critic for Treasury Board
  • Preferred Language: English

Iqra Khalid


Liberal Party

Mississauga—Erin Mills


  • First elected to Parliament in 2015
  • Studied criminology at York University and completed a law degree at the University of Michigan
  • Previously worked as a lawyer and a public servant
  • A strong advocate for women’s issues and a steadfast ally in the cause of human rights
  • Serves as a member of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on International Human Rights, as Chair of the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, and as Chair of the Women’s Caucus
  • Preferred Language: English/French

René Villemure

Bloc Québecois



  • First elected to Parliament in 2021
  • Degree in Philosophy. He has an honorary doctorate (D.h.c.) from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTR) for the exceptional merit of his achievements in ethics
  • Ethicist, international speaker and author. He has advised governments, diplomats and major corporations, both in America and internationally
  • Bloc Québécois spokesperson for Ethics, Protection of personal information and Access to information as well as International Francophonie   
  • Convinced of the importance of preserving and promoting the French language, he has been involved as a volunteer for 25 years for the Francophonie, the francization of newcomers as well as for literacy
  • Preferred Language: French

Matthew Green

New Democratic Party

Hamilton Centre


  • First elected to Parliament in 2019
  • Degree in Political Science and Legal Studies from Acadia University and continued his education at McMaster University as well as the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Business School
  • Former small business owner in Hamilton and
  • Most recently served as a member of OGGO committee
  • Former Executive Director of the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion
  • NDP Critic for National Revenue, Public Services and Procurement, Treasury Board, Deputy Critic for Ethics
  • Former municipal councilor in the city of Hamilton
  • Preferred Language: English

James Bezan

Conservative Party



  • First elected to Parliament in 2004
  • Serves now as the Deputy Opposition Whip, Strategic Advisor and Co-Chair of Question Period Planning
  • Over the course of his parliamentary career, he has chaired the House of Commons Standing Committees for Agriculture and Agri-Food (2006-2008), Environment (2008-2011), and National Defence (2011-2013)
  • The Conservative Shadow Minister for National Defence and the Vice-Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on National Defence from 2015-2021
  • During his 17 years in Parliament, he has fought strongly for marketing freedom for Western Canadian farmers and ending the long-gun registry
  • Before public life, he worked in the livestock industry
  • Preferred Language: English

Parm Bains

Liberal Party

Steveston—Richmond East


  • First elected to Parliament in 2021
  • Member of the OGGO Standing committee
  • Holds a Master of Arts degree in Professional Communications with a Specialization in International and Intercultural Studies from Royal Roads University in Victoria
  • Served as a Public Relations Officer with the BC Government, 17 years of progressive experience in corporate communications including over 14 years working on public policy issues
  • Formerly a University lecturer and Vice Chair of the Richmond Community Foundation and has served on a variety of boards representing academia and the social sector
  • Preferred Language: English

Lisa Hepfner

Liberal Party

Hamilton Mountain


  • First elected in 2021
  • Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage
  • Holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Calgary, a Journalism degree from Ryerson University and a Master’s degree from McMaster University
  • A veteran journalist with twenty-plus years of journalism including being a television news journalist for CHCH News
  • Preferred Language: English

Greg Fergus

Liberal Party



  • First elected in 2015
  • BAs from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University (social science and international relations)
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and to the President of the Treasury Board
  • Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs
  • Served as Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Digital Government, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development
  • Former national director of the Liberal Party
  • Former director of industry practices for Rx&D (representing Canada’s research-based pharmaceutical companies)
  • Chair of the "Black Caucus" in the Parliament of Canada
  • Preferred Language: English/French

Damien C. Kurek

Conservative Party

Battle River—Crowfoot


  • First elected in 2019
  • Holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Studies and Communications and a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Trinity Western University
  • Actively involved in conservative politics across Canada including working for the Hon. Kevin Sorenson, MP while Minister of State (Finance) in Ottawa
  • Worked at the Saskatchewan Legislature in a number of policy, communications, and research roles while Brad Wall was Premier
  • A fifth-generation farmer
  • Preferred Language: English

Ryan Williams

Conservative Party

Bay of Quinte


  • First elected in 2021
  • Former President of Williams Hotels and a City Councillor for the City of Belleville
  • Instrumental in starting Belleville’s Pop-Ups on the Bay as a counsellor , as well as its Economic and Destination Development Committee in Belleville as Chair
  • Past-President of Bay of Quinte Tourism and the Bay of Quinte Living Council
  • An entrepreneur in the travel, hospitality and tourism industry and co-owner of Hops on Board
  • Preferred Language: English

Ya'ara Saks

Liberal Party

York Centre


  • First elected in 2020
  • Holds an undergraduate degree from McGill University in Political Science and Middle East Studies, a master’s degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Families, Children and Social Development
  • International experience in advisory roles for policy, communications, and project management
  • Former small business owner and a strong advocate for better access to mental health services
  • Preferred Language: English
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