2012-2013 Observations on the health of the access system

Enhanced statistical report

In her 2009 special report to Parliament, the Commissioner noted that the annual statistics the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) was collecting on access activities provided neither a detailed nor an accurate picture of institutional performance. The Commissioner made the case in her report (and reiterated it the following year) that TBS should gather more and better data to assess individual institution and system-wide performance. In response, TBS began collecting enhanced annual figures in 2011-12 and issued its first expanded statistical report in December 2012.

The Information Commissioner regularly analyzes the information contained in these reports to gain a more complete picture of the state of the access system. This analysis assists the Commissioner in the review of complaints and the formulation of recommendations.

To complete her review, the Commissioner also analyzes complaints data and extension notices institutions are required to submit to the Commissioner each time they take a time extension for more than 30 days, and any other relevant information that is publicly available (such as responses to parliamentary written questions).

In light of the level of efforts made in analyzing this information and the general interest for such assessments, the Commissioner has decided to proactively make this information public on her website. What follows is an assessment of publicly available information.



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