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Nomination packages will be considered provided that the contents are in compliance with the award regulations and criteria.


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This award was created in partnership with the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada, and the provincial and territorial information and privacy commissioners.

Article 1 - Purpose

The purpose of the award is to recognize those who demonstrate an exceptional contribution to the promotion and support of the principles of transparency, accountability, and the public’s right to know. Presented once a year to an individual, group or organization, the Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award is a non-monetary award. It consists of a letter of appreciation and an engraved trophy.

Article 2 – Eligibility

2.1 Nominees

Eligible nominees should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or have permanent resident status at the time of the nomination;
  • Have contributed in a significant way to the promotion of access to information or government transparency and accountability.
  • Activities with award potential could include: being a leader in the promotion of public access to information; demonstrating creativity in increasing the public’s awareness about access to information; demonstrating innovation in creating tools that promote or facilitate access to information; promoting laws or other policies that maximize the public’s right to information; or, ensuring the government and other organizations comply with policies that maximize transparency.

2.2 Nomination Package

The nomination package should include the following *:

  • a duly completed nomination form;
  • an attestation of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status (if the nominee is deceased, an attestation on his/her behalf): the individual, head of the group or organization being nominated;
  • a cover letter (maximum 2,000 words) outlining the nominee’s contribution to advancing access to information in Canada (for more information please consult the Nomination Assessment Checklist);
  • a maximum of two (2) letters of support reiterating or confirming the nominee’s contribution to advancing access to information in Canada;
  • a maximum of 10 other pages in support of the nominee’s achievement(s) (i.e. recognition/award certificates, and/or letters of appreciation related to an access to information achievement); and
  • if the nominee is a group or organization, the nomination package must include a list of all members of the group or organization.

* The papers and documents in support of the nomination become the property of federal, provincial and territorial Offices of the Access to Information and Privacy Commissioners. To this end, they will not be returned to sender.

2.3 Cover Letter Formatting

It is preferred that nominees prepare their cover letter using the following standard format:

  • Arial regular size 11 font.
  • Line spacing at 1.5 lines.
  • Standard page layout.

2.4 Nomination Submission **

Nominations may be submitted by the nominee or by a third party. Those who propose a nominee must obtain his/her written consent for their nomination, the information in this regard and, should he/she be selected to receive the Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award, the disclosure of his/her name and a brief description of his/her activities. Any other personal information will be disclosed only in consultation with the selected recipient. No suit may be instituted against federal, provincial and territorial Offices of the Access to Information and Privacy Commissioners in consequence of such disclosure. The signature of the nominee confirms his/her acceptance of the terms.

** If an individual, head of a group or organization self-nominates, the submission must be accompanied by at least one letter of support that confirms the nominee’s contribution.

Nomination packages should be submitted no later than the stipulated deadline either via email at, by fax at 819-994-1768 or by regular mail at:

Office of the Information Commissioner
c/o Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award
30 Victoria Street
Gatineau, Québec K1A 1H3

2.5 Acknowledgement of Rules

Submitting a nomination constitutes full and complete acknowledgement and acceptance of these rules.

Article 3 – Selection Committee

A selection committee comprising federal, provincial and territorial access to information experts will be given a mandate to objectively assess the nominees and determine the winner of the Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award.

Article 4 – Nomination Assessment

Nominees will be assessed based on the following:

  • the nominee’s suitability for the award; and
  • the significance, implementation and impact of the nominee’s achievements on access to information, government transparency and accountability.

An assessment checklist based on the criteria above will be used by the selection committee to assess the nomination packages. Please ensure that the content of the nomination package addresses the criteria noted in the Nomination Assessment Checklist.

4.1 Ineligible Nominees

The selection committee reserves the right to screen out any nominee (individual, group or organization) that:

  1. does not meet the established criteria;
  2. submits their nomination package after the deadline; or
  3. has the eligibility of their achievement or project called into question.

Article 5 – Decision of Selection Committee

The Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award is presented to the nominee who obtains the highest score based on the assessment criteria. In the event that a nominee is not selected, no prize will be awarded. The nominee understands that the decision of the selection committee is final and cannot be appealed.

Article 6 – Recognition

The selected recipient will be notified in September. The trophy will be prepared in the primary language of the selected recipient.


For any questions concerning the Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award, please contact the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada by email, or toll free 1-800-267-0441.

Regulations - PDF Printer Friendly Version