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Nomination Assessment Checklist

It is strongly recommended that nominees review the following checklist before submitting a nomination package to the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada.


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The selection committee evaluates each nomination package to assess whether or not the nominee is in compliance with the regulations and meets all three criteria: 1) significance, 2) implementation, and 3) impact.

A. Compliance

To comply with the regulations concerning nominations for the Grace-Pépin Access to Information Award, the nomination package must include the following:

  1. a duly completed nomination form;
  2. an attestation of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status (form provided); if the nominee is deceased, an attestation on his/her behalf (form provided): the individual, head of the group or organization being nominated;
  3. a cover letter (maximum 2,000 words) outlining the nominee’s contribution to advancing access to information in Canada;
  4. a maximum of two (2) letters of support reiterating or confirming the nominee’s contribution to advancing access to information in Canada; 
  5. a maximum of 10 other pages in support of the nominee's achievement(s) (i.e. recognition or award certificates, and/or letters of appreciation related to an access to information achievement); and
  6. if the nominee is a group or organization, the nomination package must include a list of all members of the group or organization.
B. Assessment Criteria

Nominees for the award must have made an outstanding and valuable contribution to advancing access to information in Canada and ultimately to enhancing government accountability and transparency. To demonstrate this, the following criteria should be considered:


1) Significance

Did the nominee address an issue or issues that have a profound impact on the right of individuals to obtain government information?
Has the nominee's contribution been recognized as having greatly influenced access to information or has the nominee become a known leader in promoting public access to information?

How unique and progressive was the nominee's contribution to the field of access to information?

Did the activity address the synergies that exist between access to information and associated subjects such as information management, information communications technologies and open government?

/ 30

2) Implementation

Did the nominee employ innovative activities, strategies or technologies to achieve results?

Is the nominee's contribution transferable and/or shareable?

Did the nominee display an outstanding effort in implementing their access to information activities, strategies or technologies?

/ 20

3) Impact

To what extent did the nominee increase a public awareness and understanding of the right of access to information?

Did the nominee's activity promote constructive discussions of access to information issues within political, bureaucratic and public spheres?

Did jurisdictions adopt the methodologies/recommendations/conclusions resulting from the activity?

Were changes made to legislation or to government policies as result of the activity?

Did the activity affect the manner in which access to information is taught in schools, colleges and universities?

/ 50


/ 100

Nomination Assessment Checklist - PDF Printer Friendly Version