Canada’s Right to Know website serves as a portal to all jurisdictions across the country mandated to address complaints about access to information. The website offers links to other jurisdictions’ websites, as well as information about Right to Know Week in Canada.

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Each year on September 28, approximately 40 countries and 60 non-governmental organizations celebrate Right to Know Day. The purpose of Right to Know is to raise awareness of an individual’s right to access government information, while promoting freedom of information as essential to both democracy and good governance.

  1. Toronto - Ryerson

    , Toronto - Ryerson

  2. University of Waterloo

    , University of Waterloo

  3. Calgary - McDougall Centre

    , Calgary - McDougall Centre

  4. ATIP Practitioners' Meeting

    , ATIP Practitioners' Meeting

  5. Edmonton - Government House

    , Edmonton - Government House

  6. The State of Access to Information in Canada

    , The State of Access to Information in Canada

  7. FOI Friday

    , FOI Friday