Summaries of ATIA Completed Requests - July 2014 

Request number Summary Disposition Number of pages disclosed
A-2014-00004/RS Please provide 2012, 2013, and 2014 cross jurisdictional comparative analysis, and 2013 and 2014 analytical and strategic review(s) of the Act, as it pertains to modernizing/changing Canada’s Access to Information Act. Disclosed in Part 2007
A-2014-00017/RS 1. Occupational Health and Safety annual reports from 2011 to present; 2. All notes, meeting minutes, emails, etc. from the Occupational Health and Safety committee members from January 2013 to present. Disclosed in Part 1386
A-2014-00018/AM Records pertaining to the spring 2014 semi-annual meeting the Commissioner held with institutional access-to-information Coordinators, including agenda, records of decisions, minutes, text of Commissioner's remarks, material distributed at or for the session, and including draft of interim versions if final versions not yet complete. This is not to include back-and-forth emails with coordinators (invitations, responses, etc.). Disclosed in Part 227
A-2014-00020/RS Provide copies of any e-mails sent to or received from any e-mail address since January 1, 2014. All Disclosed 8
A-2014-00021/AM Provide copies of all communications, including e-mails, phone logs, meeting notes, correspondence, etc., with MPs or their representatives, since January 1, 2014. Disclosed in Part 247
A-2014-00028/AM All records surrounding the hiring of Albert Bissonnette as Senior Security Advisor or in any other capacity for the Office of the Information Commissioner, these would include without limiting the following: the call out, standing offer or whatever process was used that lead to the selection of Albert Bissonnette, the scoring grids, evaluators' notes, his qualifications, all contracts (casual, term, etc). Disclosed in Part 632
A-2014-00029/AM I would like to obtain a complete copy of the investigation file for complaint 3213-01224. Disclosed in Part 450
A-2014-00030/AM I would like to obtain a complete copy of the investigation file for complaint 3213-01226. Disclosed in Part 140
A-2014-00036/AM Request for a list of all access and privacy requests submitted to the Office of the Information Commissioner since January 1, 2014. Disclosed in Part 5
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