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Active cases in 2010-2011

This table shows the cases that were ongoing in 2010-2011 in which the Information Commissioner played a role:

Federal Court Section 41 ATIA

Respondent or intervener: T-1679-09: Attaran v. Minister of National Defence and IC; T-1680-09: Bronskill v. Minister of Canadian Heritage and IC; T-1198-10: Brown v. Minister of Public Safety; T-1298-10: Dufour v. AG; T-1602-10: RPR Environmental Inc. v. Public Prosecution Service of Canada

Federal Court Section 42 ATIA

Applicant: T-146-11: IC v. Minister of Public Safety; T-147-11: IC v. Minister of Justice; T-382-11: IC v. Canada Post Corporation

Federal Court Section 44 ATIA

Respondent or intervener: T-1595-09: New Dawn v. AG and IC; T-1384-10: Hibernia v. Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board and IC; T-1476-10: Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace v. CIDA and IC

Federal Court Other Proceedings (18, 18.1 Federal Courts Act)

Applicant, respondent or intervener: T-1552-09: CBC v. IC (68.1); T-1842-09: Blank v. IC (mandamus); DC-09-88: Collins v. OPC and IC; 264962: William Fenwick West v. Her Majesty the Queen (Nova Scotia Court of Appeal), 2010

Federal Court of Appeal Appeals

Respondent or intervener: A-458-09: Statham v. President of the CBC and IC (deemed refusals); A-500-09: Dagg v. Minister of Industry; A-391-10: CBC v. IC (68.1)

Supreme Court of Canada Appeals

Appellant: 33296 SCC: IC v. Minister of Transport (Minister agendas), 2010; 33297 SCC: IC v. Commissioner of the RCMP (PM agendas), 2010; 33299 SCC: IC v. Prime Minister (PM agendas), 2010; 33300 SCC: IC v. Minister of National Defence (M5 meetings), 2010

Respondent or intervener: 32172 SCC: The Criminal Lawyers' Association v. Ontario (Public Safety and Security), 2008. IC is an intervener; 33290 SCC: Merck Frosst v. Minister of Health, 2010. The IC's motion for leave to intervene was dismissed; 33320 SCC: Merck Frosst v. Minister of Health, 2010. The IC's motion for leave to intervene was dismissed.