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Royal Canadian Mounted Police 

Part A: Requests carried over from the prior fiscal year (2007-2008)
1. Number of requests carried over: 251
2. Requests carried over from the prior fiscal year— in a deemed-refusal situation on the first day of the new fiscal year 70
Part B: New Requests received in fiscal year 2008-2009— Exclude requests included in Part A
3. Number of requests received during the fiscal period 2009
4.A How many were completed within the statutory 30-day time limit? 1581
4.B How many were completed beyond the statutory 30-day time limit where no extension was claimed ? 219
4.C How long after the expiry of the statutory 30-day time limit did it take to complete the request where no extension was claimed ?  
  1-30 days: 113
  31-60 days: 52
  61-90 days: 18
  Over 91 days: 36
5. How many were extended pursuant to section 9? 215
6.A How many were completed within the extended time limit? 176
6.B How many exceeded the extended time limit? 17
6.C How long after the expiry of the extended deadline did it take to respond?  
  1-30 days: 4
  31-60 days: 7
  61-90 days: 3
  Over 91 days: 3
7. Number of requests carried over in 2009-2010? 284
8. As of April 1 st , 2009, how many requests are in a deemed-refusal situation? 22
Part C: Contributing Factors
9. Please describe the most significant issues that affected your institution’s ability to respond to access to information requests in a timely manner (within 30 days and/or statutory timelines). These may include:
  • Requests for large volume of records
  • Approval process of access requests
  • Difficulties to retrieve records (OPIs turnaround time)
  • Staff shortages
  • Requests filed in bulk
  • Consultations with other institutions
  • Others
  The significant increase in the number of requests received this past fiscal year has made it challenging for our organization to respond in a timely fashion. Other issues that affected our timely response to information requests include requests for large volume of records, requests filed in bulk, difficulties experienced when retrieving records, staff shortages at the “front end” of our operations and consultations with other institutions. We have, however, filled most of our analyst positions and have improved towards the last few months of the 2008-2009 fiscal year.
Please describe any practices or policies developed/undertaken by your institution to improve the timely delivery of your access to information program and where possible, indicate how successful these practices/policies have been. These may include:
  • Informal treatment of requests
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Partial release of records
  • Fast track process for common requests
  • Others
We have improved the timely delivery of our ATI program through:
  • the increase of requests treated informally;
  • increased interaction with requesters at the beginning of the ATIP process with a view to assist them with their requests for information;
  • the creation of a new triage/quality control unit at the onset of the ATIP process;
  • the partial release of records;
  • the staffing of most of our disclosure positions
  • the acquisition of new reproduction technology which expedited the scanning process;
  • the assignment of requests with certain recurring/similar topics to dedicated analysts;
  • the continued training provided to our analysts via formal training, discussions, meetings and mentoring;
  • the ongoing training provided by our Policy Unit to our employees at large, with a view to improve their understanding of their obligations and responsibilities pursuant to the provisions set out in the Act.
Part D: Completion Time
11. What is the average completion time for all requests completed in 2008-2009?
  30 days or under
Part E: Statistical Report on the Access to Information Act
12. Please attach your institution’s completed Report on the Access to Information (Form TBS/SCT 350-62) for the 2008-2009.