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Long-gun Registry – transfer of application for constitutional challenge to the Superior Court of Justice

Long-gun Registry – stay of the application for judicial review in Federal Court

On August 12, 2015, the Ontario Divisional Court ordered that the Information Commissioner’s application challenging the constitutionality of the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act, as amended by Division 18 of Bill C-59, be transferred to the Superior Court of Justice.

Read more on the application challenging the constitutionality of the Ending the Long-gun Registry Act as amended by Bill C-59.

Read more on the Information Commissioner's application for judicial review against the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness in relation to the investigation into an access to information request for the Long-gun Registry. A preservation order was ordered by the Court on June 22, 2015 ordering that the virtual copy of the remaining data of the Long-gun Registry be preserved. The Commissioner issued a statement regarding the preservation order where she stated that: "This order is an essential milestone to protect the rights conferred by the Access to Information Act until the end of the proceedings." 

You can consult the Commissioner's report Investigation into an Access to Information Request for the Long-gun Registry for more information on the Information Commissioner’s investigation.