Systemic Investigations

Many compliance problems cannot be solved adequately when treated in isolation, independent of the larger issues affecting the access to information system. To effect greater compliance across federal institutions and to reduce the number of complaints we receive, we approach certain problems with a more strategic and proactive approach. By integrating key information, observations and conclusions drawn from our own experience and that of our stakeholders, we can suggest more effective solutions and achieve better results.

Three-Year Plan:Report Cards from 2008-2009 to 2010-2011

Year Title Section, Subsection, Paragraph
2012-2013 Information Commissioner is investigating a complaint made by the Environmental Law Clinic of the University of Victoria and Democracy Watch 30(1)f
2012-2013 Systemic investigation into the use of text-based messaging in federal institutions 30(3)
2010-2011 Investigating mandatory consultations 30(3)
2010-2011 Interference with the access to information process 30(3)
2009-2010 The Coordination of Access to Information Requests System (CAIRS) 30(1)f
2008-2009 Because Canadians care…(CAIRS) 30(1)f
2008-2009 Do secret rules lead to delays? (CNA) 9