Consultations on Early Intervention Process

As part of the Information Commissioner’s commitment to provide exemplary service delivery to Canadians, the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) is implementing a pilot project that seeks to resolve complaints at a preliminary stage in the complaint process.

This process will apply to all refusal complaints registered after April 1, 2014. The OIC investigator will work with complainants and institutions to explore ways in which files can be resolved more efficiently.

The complainant retains the right to a full investigation by the OIC including a report of finding.

This pilot project will begin on June 1, 2014.  


A summary of the complaint will be issued to the institution as per section 32 of the Access to Information Act. The OIC will request both the processing file and the responsive records at the time the summary is sent for all refusal files.

As part of the intake process, the OIC will review the complaint and related records and communicate with the complainant and the institution, in a preliminary manner, to explore possible ways to resolve the complaint.

If the complaint is resolved, and written agreement is received from the complainant and the delegated authority of the institution, the complaint will be recorded as settled.  The OIC will not make a finding as to whether the complaint was well-founded or not well-founded.  See the OIC disposition categories at:

If the scope of the complaint is clarified or narrowed as a result of this process, the OIC will confirm the new scope of the complaint with the complainant, and where necessary, provide an amended summary of complaint to the institution.  The complaint will be assigned to an investigator in accordance with the Advisory Notice on the Triage of complaints:  Delays related to the assignment of a file vary in relation to the complexity of the investigation and the availability of an investigator.

Please address any comments or questions to before May 29, 2014.